Seam Chair

Chris Kabel

When developing the Seam Chair and Seam Bench Chris Kabel worked with Materials Lab of the Air and Space Faculty at the TU Delft and composites manufacturer Lankhorst Indutech in Sneek. Chris Kabel used the material Pure, which is a 100% woven polypropylene textile (PP threads) with an internal core that melts at around 180 degrees C and an outside that melts at 130 degrees C. At the right temperature, the outer layer melts, fixing the remaining fibres. The result is an extremely hard recyclable material in contrast to the glass fibre-reinforced plastics currently used in the (furnishings) industry.

Because Pure is a textile before it hardens, it can be stitched. Chris Kabel stitched the textile into a bag in the shape of a hollow chair, filling it with sand during production to give it shape; you don’t need a mould to produce it. It then goes into an oven where it’s fired a 130 degrees C for about an hour. This melts the fibres together. The sand is released through a hole, leaving an ultra-light chair or sofa.┬áThe objective of this prototype chair is to show you don’t need epoxy resin and glass fibres or carbon to produce a feather-light and super-strong construction that is 100% recyclable.