The New Material Award is a collaboration between the DOEN Foundation, Fonds Kwadraat and Het Nieuwe Instituut. The three organizations feel that artists and designers have an important role to play in initiating new developments in society and responding to current and pressing issues.

DOEN Foundation

As a promoter of people and organisations that take the lead in the field of sustainable, cultural and social innovation, DOEN believes in a green, socially-inclusive and creative society. DOEN supports these innovators and brings them into contact with each other.
Annually, DOEN supports more than 200 initiatives by means of subsidies, participations, loans and guarantees. These initiatives are characterised by their enterprising approach: people, organisations and enterprises that dare to take risks, that are creative and innovatory and thus effectively contribute to a better and cleaner world.
DOEN supports initiatives in the field of Culture and Cohesion and Green and Inclusive Economy.

Fonds Kwadraat

Artists, photographers and designers cannot turn to the bank to finance their projects. They can, however, contact the Fonds Kwadraat, a revolving fund that offers interest-free loans for all kinds of projects, such as an exhibition in the Netherlands or abroad, a publication, an installation, a film, a residency, material testing, or a prototype, and for equipment which is necessary to develop and make new work.

Het Nieuwe Instituut

The contemporary era is characterised by radical technological, economic, cultural and social shifts. Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to illuminate and map a rapidly changing world while at the same time fostering discussion of topics related to the vast field of design. All the institute’s activities are grounded in the principles of design and innovation – two concepts bound up with changing value systems and conflict.
Het Nieuwe Instituut organises exhibitions, lectures and fellowships, carries out research and development projects, and publishes reports on the outcomes of its projects. These are carried out within three multiyear programmes: Landscape and Interior, Things and Materials, and a third whose theme changes annually (2014: World War I; 2015: World’s Fairs).