The New Material Award 2018 is open for registration. The deadline is 6 May 2018.

Downloads for registration

> New Material Award registration-form-2018 *question 2 about sustainability: max. 170 words.
New Material Award-rules-2018

Per entry, an amount of € 50 is payable (incl. VAT).

In considering the submissions, the following aspects are taken into account:

  • Is it a new sustainable material or an innovative, sustainable application of a material?
  • Are environmental aspects taken into account at every stage, or as many stages as possible, of the
    life cycle of the design?
  • The overall quality and design of the idea, design or product.
  • The artistic quality of the idea, design or product.
  • How realistic and feasible is the idea or design (is it applicable, is it inspiring, what is the potential)?
  • To what extent is the approach innovative?
  • Does the design respond to or anticipate current and pressing issues in our society?